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On this site we regularly inform about new product developments and other interesting news.

New product: candioferm

Chevita has launched candioferm, an antifungal for racing pigeons, plus stabilization of the intestinal flora.

European approval of Oralin® renewed and extended.

The European commission has renewed the approval of the probiotic gut flora stabiliser Oralin® (Enterococcus faecium) and has extended the validity for use in food for cats (cf. Regulation EU 2015/1053).

chevi-kok®: now also available in capsule form!

chevi-kok®, the anticoccidial for racing pigeons, is now also available in capsule presentation for individual treatment.

doxycyclin-t: Newly approved therapeutic for racing pigeons

doxycyclin-t: For treatment of ornithosis as well as diseases of the digestive tract.

Rumen-Bovisal®: Rumen stimulant - Ready to use

Rumen-Bovisal®: Helps restore rumen function safely and easily. For cattle, sheep and goats.

chevipok®: newly approved vaccine against pigeon pox

In July 2011 chevipok®, a live vaccine against pigeon pox, has been approved by the German authorities.

Bovisal® PearlsCaP: First liquid calcium gel with sustained release pearls.

Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium und glucoplastic energy for the prevention of deficiency situations after calving. Bovisal® PearlsCaP contains four different sources of calcium, offering rapidly available calcium and pearls with sustained release effect.

Find more on Bovisal® PearlsCaP here

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